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What To Bring

Board Pegasus at
Slip K128, K Dock, Berkeley Marina, 125 University Ave., Berkeley

Weather and Environment

Even on a warm and sunny day, the bay wind and waves always make it colder on the boat. You also need to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.

Common sense and our experience taking thousands of voyagers on Pegasus suggest that you bring/wear the following items:

  • Non-slip shoes, preferably with light colored soles. No black-soled shoes or open-toed shoes are allowed.

  • Long pants, heavy jacket, gloves.

  • Layers for the upper body: Shirt, sweater, woolen sweater/fleece, rainproof jacket, scarf, hat (50% of body heat escapes through the head and neck!), gloves.

  • Sunscreen, UV blocking chapstick for lips, and sunglasses with a strap.
There is a trade-off between looking cool and staying warm. Staying warm is the primary objective. On San Francisco Bay in the winter, it can be cold out there. In summer, it can be even colder because of wind chill on the skin and the foggy air that cools the wind.

We suggest that you dress to be sweating at the dock. You will be glad the moment you exit the breakwater. If you are too hot, you can always remove a layer.

Food and Drink

You may bring your own lunch and soft drinks or water (plastic bottles only, no glass).

We suggest that you bring something simple to eat like a power bar or a pre-cooked burrito or crackers, and a plastic (no glass) bottle of water.

We do not allow any drugs including alcohol on Pegasus. Alcohol makes passengers unbalanced on their feet, even in small quantities. It also is a great way to get seasick (a word we never mention aboard Pegasus). Medications are permitted, but the captain must be advised and approve medications before departure, including anti-seasickness medications. However, we do not recommend anti-seasickness drugs inside the Bay.

The Doubletree Hotel in the Marina is glad to prepare picnic boxed lunches for you with advance notice.

Seabreeze Market and Deli, on University Avenue at the entrance to the Marina just west of the freeway, offers take-away food and deli options.

Mi Tierra Foods at 2082 San Pablo Avenue, one block south of University at the corner of Addison Street in Berkeley (tel. 510-540-8946), offers great Mexican takeaway, such as burritos.

Post-Voyage Dining

After your voyage, we recommend Skates On the Bay Restaurant, a short walk from Pegasus's berth in the Marina. Skates has excellent food (and that alcoholic drink that you may want now that you are back on land). Call (510) 549-1900 or click here to reserve at Skates.

Alternatively, you may want to tackle a steak, in which case we recommend Hana Japan Steakhouse, which is right at the head of K Dock where you will depart from Pegasus.

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