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Meet the Crew                


Crew Member Paul Marbury Crew Member Paul Marbury 

"There's nothing else that gives me as much peace and serenity as being in command of a well trimmed boat finding her groove, even on the windiest summer San Francisco afternoon. Sharing that with others makes it even more sweet."

"When I was about 6, I rowed out with my father to look at his first sailboat to buy. When we arrived at the mooring, the 18-foot wood sloop was completely filled with water. Floating floorboards and debris were all we could see of the cockpit. He ultimately pumped it out, trailered it home and spent countless hours caulking seams and refastening the lapstrake planks with bronze screws.

"That was the start of my world of sailing. We spent many a summer weekend sailing back and forth across Moriches Bay on the south shore of Long Island. We graduated to a pristine Snipe that I was able to sail by myself and then a Sunfish that was practically my own. By the time I was 15 I was teaching sailing to the younger kids, racing my Sunfish and other classic small wood sloops of the day. When I finally moved to San Francisco, I got involved in the racing scene here and ultimately bought my own 28-foot wood sloop. It felt about the same size as the 18 footer did to that 6-year-old. Now, 40 years later, after crewing up and down the California coast, chartering in the Caribbean, helping deliver boats in Europe and across the Pacific, sailing on 12 meters and IACC boats, and volunteering on the Pegasus for the last 10 years, I think I've figured out that this sailing stuff is okay."

Crew Member Peter Hayes Crew Member Peter Hayes 

"I love introducing seasoned sailors and novices alike to Pegasus and to the ocean. I always come back amazed at what we learned in the Bay while out on Pegasus."

I grew up sailing in Bass Strait, the roughest area of ocean around Australia. Later, I sailed in the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, and finally, the West Coast. I am most at home at-sea, whether in the Bay or offshore. I have captained and crewed aboard Pegasus with volunteers, youth and passengers for 13 years. I know the vessel intimately and how well suited she is to East Bay sailing conditions.

Captain Rosie Kuhn Captain Rosie Kuhn 

Rosemary Kuhn is a Coast Guard-licensed Captain. She holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She conducted Zen Sailing voyages in 1998 and was a training captain at Olympic Circle Sailing School.

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