As I sat down in my regular seat, the feeling of pure joy returned to me and I smiled. Looking out into the endless mass of bright, blue water, I couldn’t help but appreciate just how beautiful the Bay really is.

–Lena, 5th grade

We firmly believe that sailing has a transformational impact on young people’s lives.  While sailing has traditionally been a pastime of the privileged, we are committed to exposing people of all means to the wonders of sailing on San Francisco Bay.  As a volunteer based organization, we donate our time so that we can get kids out on the water, and we rely on donors like you to cover the costs, which ensures that our service is available to all.  Thanks to your generous donation, youth will come away with memories to last a lifetime, self confidence and a sense of inclusion.

Smiling Girl Driving Pegasus<br />
Capt Pat with kids at helm
Kids on the Pegasus bowsprit
Pegasus sails near the Golden Gate Bridge<br />
Smiling Child at the Helm<br />
Federico's class trip
Pegasus Heeling Under Sail
Smiling girl on the Pegasus bowsprit<br />

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I looked down at the deep, blue ocean under my feet, and the bright, blue sky above me, teeming with life and wonder. It felt absolutely amazing.

–Ella, 5th grade


Pegasus Voyages is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, which means your donations are 100 percent tax deductible.  Donors like you make possible all that we do!

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Slip K128 – K Dock

Berkeley Marina, 125 University Ave., Berkeley CA, 94710

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