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Teacher Training Institute Adults (LBL Mare Teacher Training Voyage)

"This was an amazingly fantabulous experience. I met some new friends, gained some valuable insights, and have had my enthusiasm for water and our own San Francisco Bay renewed."

"So lucky to go sailing. That was special."

The best aspect of the trip:
       "Sailing on Friday under the Golden Gate!"
       "What a treat — the sail on the Pegasus."
       "Loved sailing under the bridge."
       "The sailing put the whole Bay into perspective."

Students aboard Pegasus Students

Dear Captain Paul, Cathy, Christine, Rich, Paul, and Bill:

We really enjoyed our voyage aboard the Pegasus on Wednesday, December 2nd. The crew were all very friendly and helpful, and the students witnessed teamwork in action. Following are some comments from students who attended.


Anne Henly
[high school teacher]

       "Thank you very much for letting us sail. Even though it was scary, I had a lot of fun. Thanks again. — Meghan"
       "I really enjoyed sailing in the boat. I also wanted to say I really appreciate you guys gave us the opportunity to sail with you guys. Also, I learned and saw a lot of teamwork with you guys. So I had a lot of fun and also learned something while I was there. Love, Ericka"
       "Dear Captain Paul, Thank you for the fun sailing trip on Wednesday Dec 2, 1998. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you. — Tiffany"
       "We hope we can come back soon. — Amber"

Boosters Sailing on Pegasus Dear Everyone —

       Thank you very much for inviting all of us to go sailing with you! I had a lot of fun. I was really scared at first, but thanks to you guys, my fear went away. I hope that we can join you again, maybe on a warmer day or something. I learned a lot. You guys set a good example of teamwork, and I'm sure that everyone learned a lot. Thanks again.


Student Post-Voyage Artwork

Artwork by Arturo F.

Diorama by Waldorf Students Student's Poem About Pegasus


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